Malawi 220

A Worthy Endeavour

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Whether the information is anecdotal experiential or based on hard statistics, the sad conclusion is that Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Known as the “warm heart of Africa”, the country’s culture of hospitality and kindness cannot cover the crushing reality of a people ravaged by poverty, malnutrition, hunger, illness and an infrastructure of dependency. The vast majority of Malawians live under conditions; such as, earning under $2 US a day, an estimated life expectancy in the early forties, an exceedingly low literacy and graduation rate, and overcrowded education system, a strained healthcare system, widespread HIV/AIDS and with a population of 14 million, over one million orphans and more than 350,000 children out of school. Emerging from a century of colonial rule and dictatorship, the last two decades have witnessed Malawi’s progression to a democratic state and a yearning for an improved human condition. In conjunction with the local community’s wishes, Transformative Praxis Malawi believes that transformative change requires thorough collaboration, mutual respect and dedication to sustainable solutions.

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