Galt Students in Sherbrooke Record

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The Sherbrooke Record (14th December 2015) has published a piece regarding a collaboration between Alexander Galt school and Transformative Praxis Malawi whereby Galt teachers and students are raising money to support the building of the first classrooms on the Transformative Praxis Malawi Campus. This will also lead to Galt students travelling to the campus in 2017. Such partnerships are central to building a sustainable path forward which is based in building Global North:Global South solidarity.

Melanie Bennett-Stonebanks, who has spearheaded this work highlighted its value: “There’s so much learning that’s involved; we’re learning constantly in every conversation that we have. The kids are going to teach us things along the way and we want the community to add to that knowledge base.”

The full article can be found here.

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