What Our Members Are Saying

The time I spent in Malawi has filled my mind with questions that I am now constantly exploring. I participated in Praxis Malawi during my final undergrad year, and it was this opportunity which has inspired me to pursue graduate education and return to Malawi once more.

Kassandra Norrie Former Transformative Praxis Malawi Student Member

Participating in Praxis Malawi has impacted my academic life in a manner unlike any other experience. The experience changed my understanding of research and most importantly, helped me develop a real world connection to concepts that I had only previously read about.

David McGill Former Transformative Praxis Malawi Student

My research with Praxis Malawi project allowed me to have rich discussions with a wide range of people and to learn about their hopes, accomplishments, struggles and everyday lives. It has given me the opportunity to take in all these new experiences and share them with others.

Farah Roxanne Stonebanks Former Transformative Praxis Malawi Student

For me, my involvement with TPM has been a life changing experience. I’ve always had a dream of being a leader in society. This project has allowed me to become a leader in this community, to show my skills, and I’ve found a worthwhile volunteer opportunity.

Jenala Nyirenda Transformative Praxis Malawi Field Director

Transformative Praxis Malawi has restored my sense of social justice and has given me the opportunity to make the last chapter of my career about doing something right instead of doing what I was expected to do. It has fundamentally changed my l life and made me reset my priorities.

Fintan Sheerin Transformative Praxis Malawi Director

TPM has provided me the opportunity to explore the research side of education as a student and was the primary setting for my Master’s research. After studying social justice and sustainable development, it allowed me to engage and explore what it really means to live out these concepts.

Dave Emory
David Emory Former Transformative Praxis Malawi Student